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What is NXDN™ ?

Technical specifications of NXDN™

Access Method FDMA
Modulation 4-level FSK
Vocoder AMBE+2™
Channel Spacing 6.25 kHz 12.5 kHz
Transmission Rate 4800 bps 9600bps
Codec Rate 3600bps 7200bps
Conventional Yes
Trunking operation Yes
Type-C and Type-D
Digital Scrambling Yes (15-bit/32,000 keys)
Encryption Yes (AES/DES)

The NXDN™ hardware platform utilizes the same basic structure as analog FM radio designs with the addition of the components/circuits for digital capability. It was the specific intention to maintain as much of current analog FM technology in the hardware design to:

  • Reduce the complexity of development
  • Reduce the cost of development and the resulting products
  • Maintain ease in manufacture
  • Reduce the probability of parts obsolescence by utilizing as many common devices as possible
  • Maintain commonality in maintenance and repair
  • Reduce the need for specialized testing equipment