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What is NXDN™ ?

Key Benefits and Markets

Two initial key goals of NXDN™ were to satisfy the narrow banding mandate of the FCC in North America, and to become a next generation de-facto standard in the land mobile radio market. NXDN™ has succeeded in achieving both of these goals and more. Below are some of the key benefits that NXDN™ can provide.

Proven, reliable digital protocol with a worldwide acceptance: In just 5 short years, NXDN™ has been deployed in the hundreds of thousands of units in a myriad of single and multi-site communications networks.

Multi-vendor climate:NXDN is supported by over 30 companies and is rapidly growing with the public release of the NXDN™ protocol. The membership's multi-faceted range of competences allows for a wide range of products and services to be provided to meet many differing market needs.

Meets the FCC narrow banding mandate: NXDN™ met the narrowbanding mandate eight years before other technologies. It will still be a viable solution when 12.5 kHz spectrum becomes full.

The advantages of digital technology: Integration with IP for wide-area systems capability, data applications like messaging and location services and enhanced communication performance while remaining spectrally efficient.