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Forum Members Icom Inc. and JVCKENWOOD Corp. to Offer Products Compatible with Both NXDN™ Trunking Protocols

Jan 24, 2014

Suwanee, GA/Kirkland, WA – January 24, 2014 – Icom Incorporated and JVCKENWOOD Corporation have jointly announced plans to offer products that support both Trunking protocols in the NXDN™ technical standard.

The NXDN™ suite of standards includes two Trunking protocols that support a diversity of applications; Type-C is a control channel based Trunking architecture while Type-D is a distributed logic based architecture. To date, Icom and JVCKENWOOD have provided one or the other of these protocols that have contributed to the rapid expansion of NXDN™ deployments across many user markets.

Both Icom and JVCKENWOOD will be offering interoperable Type-C and Type-D Trunking systems under their respective brands and system nomenclatures. The product introductions from both companies are scheduled for IWCE 2014.

The NXDN™ digital air protocol is an open technical standard to the wireless industry public. The NXDN™ Forum provides governance and advancement of the technology and is comprised of 34 member companies including designers, developers and manufacturers who provide products and services in compliance with the NXDN™ technical standard.

Forum members and their channel partners have combined to sell over 1.5 million NXDN™ products to the market since its introduction in 2006, positioning NXDN™ as a market leader for wireless digital technology in the land mobile radio industry.

The NXDN™ Forum was established in July, 2008 for the promotion of the NXDN™ digital air protocol for use with 6.25 kHz and 12.5 kHz narrowband technology.

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