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NXDN™ Forum Website Renewal

Sep 10, 2012

Suwanee, GA – Sep 10, 2012 - The Chair of the NXDN™ Forum announced that the Forum website has been updated and refreshed in a renewal of the layout and content.

With the continually increasing penetration of NXDN™ in the market, a large and vibrant membership and the recent opening up of the standards suite, the NXDN™ Forum website has been updated.

The information that has been available to date is still there, but presented in a new refreshed layout. The following additions have also been made to the website to further increase the information available about NXDN™.

  • A general overview of NXDN™ and its technology, standards structure and other information
  • An FAQ page to answer questions on NXDN™ received by the Forum and members to date
  • A resource section that includes technical papers and regulatory information on narrow banding
  • News and Events sections to provide past press releases and information on events the NXDN™ Forum and/or its members may be attending
  • A new Download page where the NXDN™ standards suite can be downloaded
  • An update of the members page to include the recent new Forum member's details