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NXDN™ Forum Expands NXDN Technical Standards

Jun 24, 2011

Suwanee, GA – June 24, 2011 - The Chair of the NXDNTM Forum announces the expansion of the technical standards with the adoption of a second trunking protocol.

This important expansion to the suite of NXDN™ specifications now provides two types of trunking protocols for the ultimate flexibility in satisfying market and end user narrow band digital radio system needs.

The designators for these two trunking protocols have been established as follows:

Type-C NXDN™ Trunking:
This is the original NXDN™ trunking protocol based on a dedicated control channel logic architecture.

Type-D NXDN™ Trunking:
This is the newly adopted NXDN™ trunking protocol, and is based on distributed logic architecture.
(No dedicated control channel required)

NXDN™ now provides the two most common trunking architectures' available worldwide under a common standard, the application and potential reach of NXDN technology has effectively doubled, with the following merits available.

  • NXDN™ now offers two trunking protocols under the NXDN™ umbrella. This provides the advantage and flexibility for NXDN™ Forum member companies and ultimately end users to choose the system solution that best suits their narrow banding and target market needs.
  • Both protocols will be managed by the NXDN™ Forum ensuring interoperability and maintenance of each protocol going forward.
  • There will be interoperability between vendors of the trunking protocol they adopt.
  • Both protocols meet the FCC narrowbanding mandate, and thus system operators and end users who adopt NXDN™ trunking will be in a position to be narrow band ready for the 2013 deadline and beyond.
  • Changes in frequency coordination and narrow band licensing rules are being proposed to allow smoother integration of new 6.25 kHz systems and the use of two 6.25 kHz channels in a 12.5 kHz channel. Upon ratification, this will allow the full advantages of using the 5,000 6.25 kHz VHF/UHF channels already allocated in the LMR band plan.

With over 80,000 FCC licenses already allocated for NXDN™ systems, this additional trunking capability is an exciting new dimension to this rapidly growing market standard for next generation digital two-way radio communications.

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