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NXDN™ Forum Announces its Formal Establishment

Jul 14, 2008

San Francisco, CA - July 7, 2008 - The Chair of the General Meetings of the NXDN™ Forum announced today that eight members jointly establish the NXDN™ Forum; the members consist of Kenwood Corporation, Icom Incorporated, Kenwood USA Corporation, Icom America Incorporated, Aeroflex Wichita Inc., Daniels Electronics Ltd., Ritron Inc. and Trident Datacom Technologies, Inc. d/b/a Trident Micro Systems.

As the demand for land mobile radio is increasing each year, more efficient use of limited frequency resources is sought. Under such circumstances, for land mobile radio systems designed for the business and industry market, a cost-effective communication method is sought, and there is much need for such a communication system.

The aim of this system is the efficient use of frequencies through digitization, and unlike the analog FM method, interactive communications by the digital method would not be possible without the standardization of specifications. To this end, Kenwood Corporation and Icom Incorporated conducted a joint study on such a new form of digital land mobile radio communication protocol for the business and industry market, and the result of such a study is now called “NXDN™”. NXDN™ will provide high cost-performance and excellent features, and furthermore, analog FM type amplifiers and other equipment can be used in this system. Such features make NXDN™ the most suitable communication method for the business and industry market.

Now, therefore, the above-mentioned eight members hereby jointly establish the NXDN™ Forum for the purpose of promoting the NXDN™ protocol in the Americas and contributing to the development of land mobile radio in this region. In the future, any corporation or other organization relating to land mobile radio products that agrees with the purpose of the NXDN™ Forum would be welcome to participate, and the Forum will move forward its activities to promote NXDN™.

Further actions and details will be announced later from the Chair of the General Meetings.

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